Alcatel-Lucent is comprised of pioneers within the industry, Alcatel of 1898 and Lucent Tech. of 1996, and is now a multi-billion dollar company. With astounding inventions such as the 1947 transistor, the 1960 patented laser, and the 1980 digital signal processor. Since then they, and their company Bell Laboratories, have achieved eight Nobel Prizes and employed over sixty-two thousand employees globally. They service countries worldwide with wireless interfaces and access, including communications and carrier Ethernet.

  • Industry: Alcatel-Lucent specializes and excels in telecommunications equipment, both hardware and software. They service industries such as defense, public safety, oil and gas, power utilities, and large enterprises.
  • # of Employees: 62,311
  • Phone: (972) 596-0384
  • Headquarters: Boulogne-Billancourt, France
  • Year Founded: 2006

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